Coffee Shop

Wholesale prices for coffee shops

Do you have a coffee shop and are you interested in using our coffee? We gladly assist and supply you with the freshest premium Arabica beans!

At Silaa Coffee we roast our coffee in small batches which ensures our customers get the freshest coffee possible. For coffee shops we require that they order a  whole roast every time they order. One roast is approximately 4 kg of roasted coffee depending on which roast you choose. Since the batches are small and we roast to order you will be able to manage the amount of coffee easily and serve fresh coffee to your customers.

Would you like to know what wholesale prices we provide for coffee shops? Send us an inquiry and give us the following information. We will get back to you as soon as possible with our price list.

Information required


Telephone number


Name of coffee shop

Location of coffee shop

Your estimated monthly usage of roasted coffee



Please note that we ask this information to be able to assist you as good as we can with our services.

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