Different Roasts of Silaa Coffee

At Silaa Coffee we divide our coffees in three kinds of roasts which are Light, Medium and Dark.
Although these roast colors can be open to interpretation by  personal preference Silaa Coffee uses the Agtron Scale to measure the type of roast.

Below are the Agtron numbers of each of our roasts.

Agtron disk #75 is a Light Roast


Agtron disk #55 is a Medium Roast


Agtron disk #35 is a Dark Roast

A light roast is dropped shortly after the first crack and gives the coffee a bright, fruity flavor with high acidity.

A  medium roast is dropped just before the second crack takes place and gives the coffee more body but less fruitiness and acidity.

A dark roast is dropped after the second crack and gives the coffee the best body but even less brighter tones and acidity then what you would experience with a medium roast.