Different Kinds of Silaa Coffee

We have created different kinds of coffee with different sorting techniques for our coffees before they are roasted.

Peaberry is a truly special coffee. The beans are different from normal coffee beans, they are round instead of flat. This happens occasionally with coffee cherries. Inside a natural mutation takes place, only one of the two seeds gets fertilized. That’s why it’s round, there is no second bean to flatten it.

Peaberry is called a specialty coffee because it can be roasted more evenly and therefore it has a perfect taste. Our peaberries have a sparkling and fruity taste and we sell them in a medium or dark roast. You can buy them as whole beans, or coarse grind for a French press.

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These coffee beans are hand-sorted and carefully selected by skillful ladies. Only the best beans are used in this coffee. Our medium roasted beans have a sweet nutty taste, combined with citrus, cinnamon and little bit woody. It has a pleasant aftertaste that lingers in your mouth for just another moment of pleasure. Buy our hand-sorted coffee as light, medium or darkly roasted beans or fine grind, whatever you prefer!

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This coffee represents an authentic taste that will do well as filter coffee. A large selection of beans gives the coffee its own unique flavor. We currently sell medium roast authentic blend coffee as whole beans or fine grind.

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